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-     Together with the German Center in Jinan, we provide a platform to make business in both

      countries easier.

-     Using contact offices as support, attract companies in both countries to do business with one another through the German Center in Jinan.

-     Dresden contact office should actively seek for German companies (focus on small and medium sized companies) and provide them low risk path into Chinese market.

-     Dresden office should define the demands of companies who wants to enter the markets of one another and define the latest and improved concepts to support them to gain profit in both regions.

-     Jinan contact office provides support such as market analysis, activation of network options and directly contact to the potential partners.

-     Both offices organize every year economic delegations to one another every year.

-     We will handle any inquiries from different industries and will always examine the possibilities of accomplish business interactions in both lands.


                                                  We are open for everyone!