Dresden and Jinan began to visit each other and exchange information。 The two sides showed cooperation intention for the establishment of economic development platform interest. These activities are supported by the Dresden Economic Development Department and the Jinan Hi-Tech Zone.



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In May 2012, the First Mayor of Dresden, Mr. Hilbert, signed the Letter of Intent.

In October 2012, Dresden Technology Center and Jinan Hi-tech Zone signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish business cooperation and support between the two regions based on the economic development platform.



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On 27 August 2013, Dresden Office was officially opened under the witness of the first Mayor of Dresden, Mr. Hilbert, Mr. Lv Jiantao and his delegation, and more than 30 representatives of Dresden enterprises . Ms. Rita Meißner was present as a responsible person.

On 1 November, 2013, Jinan Science and Technology Economic Park was opened in Europe. Mr. Hilbert, Mayor of Dresden, members of the Municipal Council and business delegation attended the ceremony.

Since April 2013, more than 250 companies have contacted us.



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In May 2014, Dozens of German business friends meet friends in Jinan for exchange opportunities.

In June 2014, Jadepark website officially launched as an important channel for publicity office work, information exchange and project cooperation  between enterprises in the two countries. In August 2014, Uusimaa - Shandong Business Forum 2014 was successfully held in Vantaa, Finland



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In September 2015, Jinan High-tech Zone and the Dresden Technology Development Center signed a new memorandum of cooperation. Hence, the future direction of cooperation will be more broad and the cooperative manner will be more specific.

In September 2015, Jinan - Dresden Office organized the Jinan European Industry Cooperation Fair under the theme of "Made in China 2025" hand in hand "German Industry 4.0" . More than 20 Jinan enterprises went to Dresden making matches with more than 60 local enterprises.

In September 2015, Jinan High-tech Zone visited the Ministry of Economic Development and Finpro of Vantaa, Finland. In the November, the Helsinki Business Hub, Finpro and Vantaa Economic Development Department visited Jinan. The two sides reached a consensus for future cooperation.

In November, 2015, the "China International Manufacturing Summit Forum" was successfully held in Jinan, which invited well-known academicians and scholars from home and abroad, as well as outstanding entrepreneurs, to publish advanced reports and participate in the industrial development dialogue.



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In January 2016, Jinan Hi-tech Zone signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Economic Development of Vantaa, Finland and the Helsinki Business Hub, and agreed to set up a mutual industrial cooperation office between Jinan and Vantaa.

In April 2016, Jinan High-tech Zone organized a visit to Germany, with the aim to choosing site for the Jinan - European industrial cooperation incubator. The 11 high-tech enterprises visited German enterprises for study.

In July 2016, Director of Party Working Committee and Jinan High-tech Zone Mr. Xu Qun visited Vantaa, Finland. The two sides reached an agreement on the office operating strategy, and selected the staff in charge of the Office.

In September 2016, Jinan - Vantaa Office was established in Vantaa, Finland. Mr. Wang Siguo, director of Jinan High-tech Zone Life Science City, attended the opening ceremony on behalf of Jinan High-tech Zone.

In September 2016, Jinan Chinese-German SME Innovation Center was established in Stuttgart, Germany. Mr. Wang Wentao, Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary of Jinan, attended the opening ceremony, unveiled and gave a speech.

In November, 2016, the "China International Intelligent Manufacturing Conference" was successfully held in Jinan. The conference invited government officials, famous scholars and successful entrepreneurs, represented by former German Prime Minister Gerhard Schröder. All the attendees carried out extensive exchanges and discussions on industrial hotpots.

In December of 2016, Jose Valanta, Director of the Business Development Bureau of Vantaa, visited Jinan Hi-tech Zone, which opened a dialogue for the exchange and cooperation between the two sides.