Shandong Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance (SRIMIA)

1. Profile

The Shandong Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance (SRIMIA) was formed under the leadership of the Jinan High-Tech Zone Committee. It is supported by the Chinese National Association of Artificial Intelligence, the Intelligent Robots Innovation Union, the Jinan High-tech Zone, Shandong University and the German software company 3S.


Two scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Deyi and Wu Hongxin, as well as several research teams, like the group of Professor Zhao Jie, from University of Technology Herbin, Mr. Han Jianda, from the Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy in Shenyang, Professor Liu Hong, from Beijing University, and the team of Deputy Director Mr. Yang Fangchun from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications have developed with SRIMIA.


The aim of the SRIMIA is to build a high-tech robot industry, in ordert o research and develop the intelligence technology, industrial robotics, service robotics and special robots .


As a platform for intelligent systems, from the aspects of the German Industrial Standards 4.0, are offered:
• Technical services and training,
• Digital devices, intelligent robots and key components
• Machine Specifications
• Test services, experimental verification.

SRIMIA should become a technology integration center and innovative public platform.



2. Functions


Services for the firms:
• Premises and equipment, as well as resources for technological research and development;
• Technical advice and services for research and development;
• Promotion of new technologies;
• Technical training
• New product technology experiments;
• Technical indicators, performance tests and testing;
• New technology product development and technology transfer;
• Information services;
• Introduction of foreign advanced technology and products, as well as localized promotion;
• Demonstration of new technology and products;



3. Structure


➢ Innovation Service Center
The Innovation Service Center consists of experts for innovation and technical teams for companies, a service platform for research and development as well as design innovation service platform.
The Innovation Service Center services primarily  Shandong Province and then across the country for innovative technical support, infrastructure and the provision of financial and other resources for innovation.


➢ Test Center
The Test Center has requirements for industrial robots test platform service, special robot and Digital Equipment test basis. The main function is to monitor and examination in odder to improve the performance of the products.


➢ Experimental Validation and Training Center

The main features of the experimental Validation and Training Center is the experimental verification of automation, robotics and other projects.

It has three divisions:
• Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Verification Center,
• Robotic Systems Experimental Verification Center
• Service / Special Robot experimental Verification Center.




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