【CHINESE ENTERPRISE】Shandong Haitian Internet of Things Co., Ltd.


Shandong Haitian Internet of Things Co., Ltd.




Shandong Haitian Internet of Things Co., Ltd. is a modern logistics enterprise serving for energy industry and focusing on logistics and distribution of pipeline products like seamless steel pipes. It is a pioneer provider in professional seamless steel pipe integrated service. Shandong Haitian Internet of Things was founded in April, 2003 with registered capital of RMB 21.5 million Yuan. On 6th February, 2015, it was listed on National SME Share Transfer System with security name “Haitian Internet of Things” and stock code 831924.


Shandong Haitian Internet of Things is mainly engaged in a large range of seamless steel pipes, including oil pipe, casing pipe, line pipe, pipe used for fluid conveying and pipe used for container or equipment. Its main products are used widely in energy, machinery, metallurgy, mining, construction, etc..


It has four logistics and distribution centres situated in Jinan, Yantai, Tianjin and Shanghai. The annual storage and distribution capacity keeps high over 100,000 tons. For HR, there are 50 employees currently with an average age of 28 and over 90% graduating from junior colleges or above.


Need from Shandong Haitian Internet of Things

Shandong Haitian Internet of Things aims to provide more qualified products to all customers in the future. It hopes to find good projects, products or technologies in the below fields:

For pipeline (used for oil, gas, water and corrosive medium transport):

- New material and technology R&D used for pipeline manufacturing

- New product regarding to pipeline transport

- New crafts and technological R&D in pipeline process, like corrosion, heat, pressure resistance crafts

For logistics: storage, transport and distribution of cold chain logistics


Cooperative ways could be flexible and various. Haitian plans to invest RMB 50 million Yuan if it finds advanced project, technology and product in the above fields and also hopes to co-work in Chinese market.


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