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SICC Materials Co., Ltd 

SICC Materials Co., Ltd, founded in November, 2010, as high tech enterprise whose business divisions are a development and production of solid-state crystals and substrate material.
Under the direction of the known scientist Jiang Minhua, member of the Academy of the Chinese academy of the sciences, one is worldwide to few enterprises that control this technology.



The products and applications

The main products are silicon carbide mono crystals substrates in 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch, in wide use, for in high-frequency electronics devices, solid-state light-emitting diodes (LED) and other areas. They are the core material of the third generation semiconductor.
These products are the result of strategically ambitious industry which was particularly developed in the "national medium-term and long-term scientific and technological development plan" and the national "twelfth five-year plan".

The research group and developing group

SICC is an international worldwide leading team, dispose of strong research ability and capacity for development. The research staff and developing staff amounts to 60% of the employees, the issues for research and development amounts more than 10% of the sales amount.



The philosophy  

Since the foundation of the enterprise, SICC has increased the industrial magnitude, has risen at the same time the continuous technological innovation, and disposes of professional R & D team.
A respectable basis for the third generation of the solid-state industry is created, silicon carbide is developed as a material continuously and a national comprehensive development the silicon carbide - electronic industry is speed up.


SICC searches cooperation with European enterprises for technology and market issues for SiC applications.








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