Shandong Jindeli Group


Shandong Jindeli Group Strategic Cooperation Project

Shandong Jindeli Group is a large state-owned enterprise with an integrated portfolio of businesses including fast food, food producing and grain & oil sales. There are 1 distribution company and 4 subsidiary companies under the group with over 200 fast food restaurants and more than 4000 employees. Restaurants under the group have found their homes in cities such as Zibo, Liaocheng, Dezhou, Linyi, Binzhou, Rizhao, etc besides Jinan.

The group intends to attract strategic partners and investment to propel the development of central kitchen, cold-chain producing, logistics distribution, marketing and the construction of industrial park.


Address: 60 Wei Qi Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan

Contact persons: Zhao Kang, Li Shuxiang

Tel: +86-13954116700   +86-13589115055

Fax: +86-531-87168388

Email: jindelizongbu

Contact person(Jinan Grain Bureau):Huang Ben’guo

Tel: +86-13869122786  +86-531-66608201

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