Focus in the cooperation of both offices is the construction and the steady growth of an economic platform in towns, regions and countries closely linked up to the mutual profit.


Our service encloses:

  • Information to in the export regulation with permanent actualization, cataloguing of data banks, searches for additional conditions for special products
  • Search and mediate from certificated cooperation partners, according to enterprises Requirements
  • Preparatory works to market analyses
  • Mediation of professional, experienced PR agencies for both ways with special knowledge for the respective circumstances typically for country
  • Translations English and Chinese for company presentations
  • Mediate from legal advice by lawyer's offices specified on Asia right
  • Regular reports for status of the European/German centre
  • Organization of events of information and enterpriser's travelling with themes which are Modified for delegation participants


In "Business Networks" and "Business Service" we offer enterprises chances to introduce themselves, and to present their economic interests in other lands in short descriptions.

Our contact databank is open for everyone and every company who are interested.

We can retrieve additional information, provide contact information and translation services.



      Use our website to present your enterprise in both countries!