Jinan as Business Location


Jinan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone


Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone is founded in 1991 with a total area of 137 km2. There are over 10.000 Enterprises in different industrial areas. GDP in 2013 was RMB 48.5 billion. In 56 national high-tech zone ranked 11th.


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Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone is among the State High-tech Zones first approved by the State Council. For more than two decades, it has established a comprehensive service and support system in investment, finance, insurance, law, and notarization. In addition, it formed specialized industries including electronic information, bio-medicine, transportation equipment, and other specialty industries, ranking high among the nation’s leading High-tech Zones.


Jinan High-tech Zone has published a series of policies and measures to boost BPO, software, and other industries, in order to promote the development of high-tech enterprises in the Park.

For the foreign-funded enterprises:Foreign-funded science and technology and industry enterprises with increased registered capital over US$3million, can receive subsidies of 60% of the yearly-growth based on main fiscal revenue realized for the high-tech zone during the first three years since the actual arrival of the increased capital.



China International ICT Innovation Cluster (CIIIC)


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The China International IT Innovation Cluster (CIIIC) was founded in the city of Jinan in 2006. Jointly sponsored by China’s Ministry of Technology, Ministry of Information Industry and Ministry of Commerce, the CIIIC’s mission is to create a technology nexus in northern China for the development of world-class software and hardware technologies.

CIIIC owns national level Qilu Software Park and telecommunication Park, sited in the east of Jinan high-tech development zone nearby Jinan comprehensive bonded zone, and has been put into more than ten billion RMB for the basic construction.


Qilu Software Park is one of the biggest national software base cities, National Torch Program Software Industrial Base, National Software Industrial Base, and National Software Export & Innovation Base. There are more than 1000 companies include 140 scaled companies like Inspur and CVIC.

Telecommunication Park, as production areas of CIIIC, is based on research to integrate information communication, conference, relax and commercial services.

Jinan Comprehensive Bonded Zone is export-oriented industry cluster distric of processing trade, land border ports and bonded logistics.


Since its establishment, the CIIIC has been responsible for achieving the following goals:

  • Develop an ecosystem that promotes the development of cutting edge software and hardware products
  • Attract and build a critical mass of international IT companies, venture capital firms, law firms and other support systems within the ecosystem
  • Manage the ecosystem as a special pilot zone with its own preferential policies and incentives


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Development Priority


Software Industry

Base on application software to develop middleware and high-end software. Through enterprises union to be integrated creative group and show the advantages in several emphasis application area.

Integrated Circuit

Base on 12’IC production to construct ‘National Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Base’ quickly and push compound semiconductor, semiconductor light-emitting components, solar photovoltaic and crystalline material.

Information Services

Enlarging outsourcing industry relies on ITO, BPO and assisting creative industry rely on gaming and animation and Developing network services and e-commerce base on internet applications quickly in order to make information service be the support of modern service industry of Jinan.

Network communication

To accelerate the software research in microwave communication, WI-Fi in MAN, computer networks and internet areas for achieving a group of network communication solutions and applications through the guidance of industry application and promotion of network communication techniques in society.

Digital Equipment

To accelerate the market share and producing capacity of server, automated teller machine, CNC machine tools and medical apparatus and devices through investment, assimilation, conversion, updating for building high value-added digital equipment manufacture base in automotive electronics, intelligent household electrical appliance and other representatives.