Dresden Office

Dresden Industrial Cooperation Office was established in Dresden, the Silicon Valley of Europe by Jinan High-tech Zone in August 2010. It was designed to build a bridge between China and Germany as well as between European and Chinese enterprises, to promote exchanges and cooperation in electronic information technology, life and health, new materials, new energy and other high-tech fields.


As a bilateral contact office in the field of Sino-German economic field, the Industrial cooperation office provides a two-way business platform, service platform, technology platform services, human resources services and professional advisory services for the two countries for the establishment of enterprises in Germany, trade in Germany, set up enterprises in China, trade in China and Sino-German cooperation projects. Through this Office, Jinan High-tech Zone has found suitable city to set up a European incubation center to help Jinan enterprises and European research institutions to cooperate, industrialize research achievements, and accelerate the formation of Jinan core competitiveness.


Dresden Industrial Cooperation Office has built a friendship and trade bridge between China and Germany:

·  To find a partner and to provide all the necessary support for cooperation according to specific needs of Chinese and European companies;

·  To provide enterprises with the most valuable information for new investment projects;

·  To establish contact with Germany's most well-known scientific research institutions such as Fraunhofer Scientific Research Association, Leibniz Institute, and many other universities in Germany, to catch on with the latest European technology, to bring the most advanced research results to China.


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