Vantaa Office

Jinan City and Vantaa City has established a sister city relationship since August 27, 2001. Since then, the two cities carry out a fruitful exchange in economic and trade, culture, education, gardens and other fields. In September 2012, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries granted Vantaa "China-Friendly Cities Exchange and Cooperation Award" to encourage the two cities to further friendship relations for the benefit of the two cities.


Since 2012, the two cities has jointly organized China Jinan - Finland Wanda Trade Fair for eight times, helping successfully a number of enterprises in the energy conservation and environmental protection, information and communication and other areas carry out specific cooperation. A few Chinese enterprises save energy up to 30% after using Finish energy-saving technology. In September 2016, Jinan High-tech Zone set up Jinan - Vantaa Industrial Cooperation Office at Vantaa, offering assistance in bilateral technical cooperation, joint ventures or cross-border mergers and acquisitions, consulting and other services.


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Esa Rantanen, majoring in Economics at University of Turku, Finland, has more than 14 years of working experience in Chinese market. He is familiar with the high-tech enterprises and industries in Vantaa and Helsinki Business Hub. He is familiar with local research institutions and industry associations, with a wealth of relationships to promote international cooperation network and network resources.



- to promote Jinan enterprises in Finland and the Nordic region and to find Finnish companies interested in investing in Jinan, especially high-tech enterprises;

- to seek local counterparts or R & D teams in Vantaa and Finland to promote cooperation between the two sides, or help Jinan enterprises to hire experts in Finland, engage in mergers and acquisitions, etc., according to the cooperation needs of enterprises in Jinan;

- to help promote the cooperation between China and Finland to carry out activities, such as the convening of technical exchanges between the two sides, investment talks and so on;

- to establish cooperation mechanism and channel between Jinan and Nordic enterprises.


Since the establishment of this office, Jinan has been successfully held business talks activities with Vantaa for many Chinese enterprises in Finland, playing a positive role in cooperation projects and development channels in between the two cities.


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