Dresden as Business Location

Dresden counts to the leading economic locations in Germany.


The region Dresden distinguishes itself by a broadly diversified, traditionally grown industrial structure with an above-average sales development and important enterprises.


After the end of the communist planned economy it was invested in high technology and the research linked with it. And this has been worthwhile.


In short time the town climbed up to a top location in the competence fields Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, New Materials as well as Life Sciences. Worldwide leading enterprises like Infineon, Globalfoundries, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, von ARDENNE or Novaled operate in Dresden.


Thus the gross domestic product (GDP) rose in comparison to 1995 by half and reached in 2009 the federal average.


100 biggest enterprises increased between 2007 and 2011 their turnovers on nearly 20 percent and the number of the employees about 17 %.
The trade continuance grows since 2000 incessantly.
In Dresden so many people work as never before since 1990.


Dresden enjoys worldwide recognition as the biggest and most innovative microelectronics location of the continent.
1.500 enterprises with more than 48.000 employees count to the Dresden microelectronics cluster.


The enterprises gained in 2010 a sales volume of a total of 8.7 milliard Euros and with it a growth at the rate of 48 % in comparison to 2006.


In Dresden the whole value added chain of the microelectronics is on site: From the chip design about high-level volume-Wafer production and processing up to a wide ancillary industry, service provider industry and user industry.


With GLOBALFOUNDRIES high volume manufacturing arrangements stand for the most modern 300-millimetre microchips. The enterprise produces for more than 150 customers and is one of the worldwide biggest ready with order of the most modern computer chips. Till the end of 2012 the Dresden 300-millimetre work with an investment sum of about 1.3 milliard Euros to the Gigafab was developed.


In Dresden made organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) can be applied easily on flexible foils or other substrates. Organic electronics engineers allows innovative display and lighting uses just as solar cells which can be printed from »to to role role« on inexpensive PET foils.



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The top cluster Cool silicone unites enterprises and research facilities and wants to satisfy the growing energy hunger of microchips with intelligent technology »Made in Dresden«. 



Branch variety


Numerous enterprises of the most different branches of industry have deeply rooted in the town. The branch variety resulting from it is an essential reason for the lasting effect positive development of the economy of Dresden.

Besides, the branches profit of each other and provide thus with a specialization oriented to market of her products and technologies for an innovative climate.

The varied university scenery and research scenery as well as the strong presence of the sustainable cross section technologies come to them in the competence fields.

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Important Dresden branches

· Machine construction and investment construction

· Aircraft industry

· Food economy

· Printing

· Packaging technology


Science and innovation


In Dresden all big external-university research institutes are as represented as universities and colleges as well as together with the economy pursued research facilities.

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· TU Dresden, University of Applied Sciences, Dresden

· Internationally, University, United Nations University (UNU)

· 11 Fraunhofer institutes, 5 Leibnitz-institutes, 3 Max Planck institutes, Goethe-Institute

· Helmholtz Center Dresden Rossendorf, as well as many research labs

Among the rest, to the research main focuses in the region Dresden to resident institutes count:


· Cell biology, genetics, biophysics and bioinformatics

· Physics of complex systems

· Material research and material technology

· ceramic technologies

· Traffic and infrastructure systems


Excellence for Business


The region Dresden is the most important growth region in the east of Germany.
It  is on the way to develop to one of the most important economic centers in Germany.
Among the rest, the determining location advantages of the region Dresden are


· An in perspective good situation

· A strong economy with above-average dynamism

· A strong branch stamping

· Technological top achievements

· Favorable surface potentials for enterprise settlements


Real estate


Since middle of the 1990s the city of Dresden invested nearly 200 million Euros in the removal of the infrastructure and the development of municipal industrial areas.


The opened areas can be transmitted by the use of appropriations of free state, federation and the EU now too according to favorable prices to eligible enterprises.


The rents for office surfaces lie between 4 and 11 Euros / m ².


Economic service Dresden


The economic service is the central point of information and advice centre in the city administration Dresden, if you...


·  ... are using the potentials of Dresden are or want to settle invest

· ... have already rooted firmly with the location Dresden and, e.g., plan an enlargement or  search strong partners and well qualified professional forces

· ... want to realize your ideas and make themselves independent.


The economic service supports investors, Dresden enterprises and founders of a new business as an adviser, mediator, partner and network aside.


The economic service Dresden offers:

· Company customer advisory service – your partner on site

· Existence foundation consultation

· Financing and appropriations consultation

· Trade surfaces and real estate service

· Support in crisis management

· Settlement service

· Events of information on topical subjects with experts (among other things from the chamber of commerce and chamber of crafts)

· Uniform contact center (EU-Dienstleistungsrichtline)


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