Technology Service

Dresden Office has close relationships with many research institutes and universities in Germany. Through the office, Chinese research institutes and enterprises can set up links with these German institutions for technological cooperation and exchange. Its our pleasure to be helpful to find a good partner, given that you are interested in pioneer technological achievements in Germany.


The following German research institutes and universities are interested in communicating with Chinese research institutions based on their research and work with Chinese companies. (Updated)



Research Topics

Freiburg Institute of Technology

Manufacture of light materials for machinery, such as magnesium

Institute of Ventilation Technology and Low Temperature Technology Institute

Application of low temperature condensation technology in medicine, to be put into the medical product research and development

Cottbus Industrial University

Plant operation planned by 3D technology

Institute of Light Materials and Synthetic Materials, Dresden Institute of Technology

Innovative light materials for automobile manufacturing and machinery manufacturing

Measurement, Sensor Detection Institute, Chemnitz University of Technology

Application of sensors, energy acquisition and energy storage device testing               

Quito Gorelitz University

Energy reserves, fuel-free decentralized power plant energy storage

Institute of Materials and Beam Technology, Processing Machinery and Processing Technology, Fraunhofer Institute

Research to improve the energy efficiency of the very hard hydrocarbons

Institute of Electronics and Nanotechnology, Fraunhofer Institute

For printing parts, such as the workpiece and packaging required antenna

Institute of Electron Radiation and Plasma Technology, Fraunhofer Institute

Electronic processing of seeds, hoping to resume contact with a partner in Jinan and get governmental support and to find a device manufacturer

Electronic automation technology and drive technology EAAT company

Linear drive, magnetic bearing, for the wind turbine pitch angle drive, shock absorber drive

Voith Industrial Consulting Company

R & D and Design of Rail Vehicle

Institute of Pedagogy and Vocational Training, Dresden University of Technology

Vocational training with China

Security protection consulting company

Security concept, disaster management

Institute of Ceramics and Sintered Materials  Fraunhofer Institute Environmental

Innovative Materials, Technologies and Processes

Institute of Production Technology and Applied Materials, Fraunhofer Association

High-performance thermally conductive materials for heat-driven refrigerators