Technology Service

11% of research funding in Germany is invested into Stuttgart. In addition to the University of Stuttgart and the University of Hornheim, there are five Fraunhofer Institutes, as well as a number of Max Planck College.


The Stuttgart office has established a good relationship with a number of German research institutes and universities. Through us, China's research institutes and enterprises can establish contact with these German institutions for academic cooperation and technological exchange. If you are in need of advanced technology achievements in Germany, you can always contact us, we will be helpful to find a favorite partner.


The following German research institutions and universities intend to communicate with Chinese research institutions on their research results and cooperate with Chinese companies. (Updated)


· Stuttgart University

· University of Hornheim

· Max Planck Institute, Crystal Research Institute

· Max Planck Institute, Intelligent Systems Research Institute

· Frauerhofer Institute of Organizational Economics

· Fraunhofer Association, Institute of Building Physics

· Fraunhofer Association, Institute for Interface and Bioassay Technology

· Fraunhofer Institute, Production Technology and Automation Institute

· Fraunhofer Association, Institute for Space and Architecture Information Center

· Automotive and Engine Research Institute

· German Aerospace Center