Vantaa is Finland's fourth largest city, with the city area of 240 square kilometers and the population 203,000. Vantaa is a famous airport city and the nearest European airport in China, only taking less than 8 hours from Beijing. Vantaa has a wide range of economic sectors, giving priority to the development of electronic information, clean technology, renewable energy, health care, biomedicine and other fields to encourage new technology research and development.

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Finland local council and government has a high degree of autonomy. Vantaa city council holds election every four years. The number of parliamentary and urban population is proportional having 67 seats existing. The parliament has the power of decision-making mainly in urban finance and government operations. The council appoints members of the city's executive committee, which prepares for the council's deliberations or regular meetings, as well as the day-to-day management and financial management of the city. It has 15 members now. The mayor is appointed by the parliament and works under the leadership of the City Executive Committee. Therefore, the leader of the parliament is the first person in charge of Vantaa, the chairman of the City Executive Committee is the second person in charge of the city and the mayor ranks the third.



Vantaa is prosperous in culture. The city has about 20 choirs and Finland's only symphony pop orchestra. From 1989 to 2010, popular music festivals are held every summer. In addition, Vantaa also has Eureka Science Center, multi-themed museums and the Finnish Aviation Museum.

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The city is conveniently located in an important position in Finland, with many important domestic and international roads and railways passing, from Scandinavia to Russia's Route 18 and to St. Petersburg, where Moscow's railways pass. These roads and railways are part of the EU's trans-European transport network. Helsinki - Vantaa International Airport is located in the city center, is Finland's major international airport, the more the more than 100 routes to the world.



The city's economic categories varies and the economy develops rapidly. The commercial and financial services sectors dominate, and the transportation and construction sectors account for a quarter of the total industrial sector. The main industries is food and engineering manufacturing. The city's science and technology and cultural education is highly developed.

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Sister Cities

Vantaa City has 13 international sister cities.

Vice Mayor of Vantaa led a delegation to visit Jinan in September 2000.

Jinan Mayor Xie Yutang led a delegation to visit Vantaa in August 2001 and formally signed the Jinan - Vantaa sister city agreement on the 27th.

Vantaa, Mayor led a delegation to visit Jinan City in April 2002; In June, Jinan City Party Secretary Sun Shuyi led a delegation to visit Vantaa.

In June 2005, December 2006 and April 2008 Vantaa Mayor led a delegation to visit Jinan City.

In May 2008, Jinan Mayor Zhang Jianguo led a delegation to visit Vantaa.


Jinan City and Vantaa City have established friendly relations between cities on August 27, 2001. Since then, two cities carry out fruitful exchanges in the cultural, educational, economic and trade, garden and other areas. In the government exchange, the two cities organize high-level visits frequently. Cultural exchanges lead to remarkable results. The important results include the International Children's Festival in Jinan City, Vantaa International Children's Summer Camp, Vantaa China Cultural Week and Vantaa Mid-Autumn Festival and other official and folk friendly activities, which greatly promoted the cultural integration of the two cities. At present, there are 5 pairs of sister schools, which have carried out a variety of exchange programs and submitted their application to Confucius Classroom in Vantaa City in 2015 to Hanban. In economic and trade areas, since 2012, the two cities co-sponsored China-Jinan Vantaa Economic and Trade Fair, which helped a number of enterprises sign a strategic cooperation agreement and carry out specific cooperation. In September 2012, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries awarded Vantaa the "Sister Cities Exchange and Cooperation Award" to encourage the two cities to continue to develop friendly relations between each other to benefit the people of the two cities.


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