Unveiling of Jinan-Vantaa Office

The unveiling ceremony of Jinan-Vantaa Office was held in the city of Vantaa, Finland on 9th September, 2016. Mr. Wang Siguo, Director of Life Science City Development Center, on behalf of Ji’nan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, together with Mr. Nenonen, Mayor of City Vantaa cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. Mr. Qiao Shouwu, Commercial Counselor in Chinese Embassy in Finland, made a speech. Meanwhile, the Chairman of Vantaa City Executive Committee and congressman of Finland government Mr. Mäkinen attended this occasion as well.

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Vantaa is the fourth biggest city in Finland and the location of Helsinki International Airport, which has become twinned with Jinan since 2001. In Finland, Vantaa is an innovative green city with superior advantages at aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, environment technology, etc.


The strategic plan of Jinan-Vantaa Office was proposed firstly in the Memorandum of Understanding between Ji’nan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone and City of Vantaa and Helsinki Business Hub in January, 2016. In the later July, Mr. Xu Qun, Director of Ji’nan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Committee, visited Vantaa officially. Ji’nan and Vantaa formed an agreement on operation and development strategy and nominated an officer in charge of this Office at the same time. Jinan-Vantaa Office is the first overseas industrial cooperation office set up in Finland. As a landmark, it works effectively in the bilateral business and technological communication. It is a witness of fifteen years’ friendship of both cities and will turn over a new leaf in the further cooperation. 


The Office is situated at Floor 5th, Business Centre Building, Vantaa. Owning three mobile working seats, it has been well-equipped with laptops, printers and other office necessities. From operative strategy, the Office will work on advertising High-Tech Zone and Jinan city, under the purpose of seeking investment, esp. High-tech enterprises. On the other hand, it also plays an important role in finding out match-making companies or R&D groups in Finland for technical or industrial cooperation. On top of these, Jinan-Vantaa Office is responsible for improving and assisting with China-Finland cooperative activities.


Over ten enterprises from Jinan High-Tech Zone came to the opening ceremony. A few has made negotiations with Nokia and anticipated for further cooperation.

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