Delegation trip 2013 and further plans


Our First delegation trip


The theme of our first trip was "Luxury Food". The participants are:


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Augustus Rex – Erste Dresdner Spezialitätenbrennerei GmbH

Represented by Mr. Georg Schenk and Mr. Uwe Kraft

Private brewery in Saxony Eibau

Represented by Mrs. Julia Boehmer

Bergsträsser Winzer the EC.

Represented by Mr. Otto Guthier and Mr. Walter Bitsch

Brewery of Landsberg, Bavaria


The travel participants were accompanied by:

Dr. Peter PoechmuellerMrs. Guan Fei, the general manager from DEuProCo., Ltd

Tony Gao, assistant of the management of Oulong,

Mrs. Rita Meissner as an office leader of the liaison mission Dresden



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The trip was very well organized by the Chinese branch and Dr. Poechmueller. The delegation group visited Xi’an, Laixi (in Qingdao) and Jinan. In all the three cities, the presentations of the companies and the products received great approval and interests from the Chinese distribution partners. The small but well decorated store in Xi’an showed how the Chinese provide Germen products in German atmosphere.


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Also, the events for the opening of the European/ German Center, accompanied by the provincial government of Shandong and the city Jinan, were a superb opportunity for the presentation and the promotion of the products. 

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In the schedule was also planned visiting the Hole of the Terracotta Warriors, which is a one-of-a-kind sculpture collection in the world. A hike through the vineyard near Laixi showed our guests the professional working attitude of the Chinese winegrower, their kindly taking care of the plants, a well-developed nursery garden, and a comfortable mountain hut for the stay. It is an ideal and beautiful surrounding for barbecue parties and certainly for the wine tasting. All participants agreed that the trip was great and should be held again in this way.


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The events in Jinan were much influenced by Mr. Hilbert’s and the seven town councils’ presence at the opening ceremony of the center and the contact office, as well as our hosts of the High-Tech zone and representative of the city of Jinan. And the presence of Mr. Wang, the party secretary of the province Shandong, was also a great honor for us. He emphasized in his speech the great interest of the province Shandong to expand and to support the economic relationships with Germany enterprises. Corresponding to his speech, Mr. Hilbert, the first mayor of Dresden, confirmed the importance of the events and the activities for future cooperation and for the benefits of both sides. The European/ German Center provides an opportunity for both cities to bring their economic clout together.


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The second delegation of participants of the solid-state industry had a short visit to the electronic industries settled in Jinan. The participants were:


Boschman AG (Netherlands)

Represented by Mr. Frank Boschman, Managing Director

Memphis AG (Austria)

Represented by Allan Liu

Nanium (Portugal)

Represented by Paulo Jorge Basto de Oliviera Queiroz, Board Member

eZelleron (Germany, Dresden)

Represented by Dr. Sascha Kühn, General Manager


The third delegation of Dresden town councils, under the direction of the first mayor Mr. Hilbert,informed themselves of the “Smart City” concept of Jinan.

The command center was visited, in which all information about the happenings were collected, being dealt with and appropriate measures will be activated.

A round trip through the city and the sports facilities of Olympic Park showed the rapid development during the last years and the potential of future economic growth both the city and the province.


We are planning the second enterpriser's delegation on October, 2014.

  •  Visit Chinese enterprises
  • Get to know the country and people
  • Try Chinese food


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