Mr. Bernd Matthes of Oeconomy Service visited Jinan High-Tech Zone

From October 21 to October 23, Mr Bernd Matthes, consultancy Oeconomy Service, and Mrs. Rita Meissner, Head of Contact Office Dresden, visited the Jinan High-tech Zone. Mr. Matthes presented four German companies and their intents for cooperation in High-Tech Zone.


During their stay in Jinan, Mr. Matthes and Mrs. Meissner have visited Shandong Taihua Telecommunications Co., Ltd. and Jinan Continental Electric Co., Ltd., together with Dr. Peter Poechmueller (consultant of contact offices) and Jinan office team members. The two Chinese companies have presented their technology and developments in the field of Smart City projects to the German guests. Mr. Bernd Matthes said, Germany with the most advanced technologies and equipment for the implementation of Smart City project, particularly in the areas of air quality testing and sewage system. Germany is interested in Chinese companies. He expressed optimism for cooperation between China and Germany in the future.

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On October 21, Mr. Matthes has met with several Chinese business representatives in the Contact Office Jinan. Present were Haitong Welding Technology Co., Ltd., Jinan aquifer Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Ltd.
Mrs. Rita Meissner has presented a collection of products for babies and children from several Saxony companies; Kinella as producer for juice and smoothies, Dresdner Essenz for bath cosmetics for children and adults, Dentalkosmetik Dresden with tooth paste for children.
The agents of Chinese trade companies are interested in any further conversation for prices, trade conditions and special product information.

On last day of visit Dr. Poechmueller and Mrs. Meissner have visited two Chinese Travel agencies for opportunities regarding stimulation of tourism. With any provided material from hotels, Dresden Tourismus Information and Dresden Marketing GmbH the agents were informed about Dresden as famous location with much highlights for sightseeing and touristic activities. The agents have informed about Chinese requests for travel. All information were collected as report for city department of business development and for tourism companies.

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