The Delegation from Jinan visited Austria, Germany and Finland

In order to promote international exchange and cooperation of Hi-tech Park, Mr. Lv Jiantao, deputy director of the Jinan High-tech Zone, visited Austria, Germany and Finland, with a five-member delegation, from 8 October to 17 October 2014.
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The Jinan High-tech Zone, has established an extensive contact with governments and companies in Germany, Sweden, Finland and other countries. The delegation visited four companies and research institutions in Austria and Germany.
The Dresden office as base has given support for visiting companies or for presentation of different companies.

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At the meeting with the first deputy mayor of Dresden, Mr. Hilbert, the delegation presented the fruitful work performance of the Contact Office and shared the experience of cooperation with the German side. In addition, the delegation has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the German software company 3S in Kempten.


In Finland, the delegation took part in the 3rd Jinan-Vantaa trade fair. She has also met with the municipalities of Uusimaa laeaeni and Vantaa, and the leadership of the Innovation Center in Vantaa, and signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

In the future, the Jinan-Dresden offices will continue to offer more opportunities to cooperation and communication for the enterprises in Jinan and Europe. And the contact  office also want to attract more European companies to go to Jinan High-Tech Zone for investment.

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