Dr. Hu Hui visited Dresden in Januar 2015

From  Januar 15. to Januar 16. Dr. Hui Hu visited the region in and around Dresden.


Dr. Hu Hui is the CTO of Jinan Jingzheng Electronics co., Ltd. (Nanolon), an important company in the high-tech zone CIIIC Jinan. The Company is a leader in the production of lithium niobate wafers as the basis for the production of optical and acoustic sensors.


Reasons for his visit was the deepening and widening of the commercial relations of Nanoln to German companies. Since a long time has Nanoln already some contacts with Dresden companies.


Through the partner office in Jinan, the Dresden office was informed by the visit of Dr. Hu. In preparation for the visit, the Dresden Office had contacted different companies , in oder to make the best program of Dr. Hu´s visit.


On January 15 Dr. Hu visited SAW Component, a partner company, which operates in the field of Surface Acoustic Wave Components, from wafer to complete sensor system.


Ms. Rita Meissner, head of the office, and Jingxue Chen ,consultant and translator of the office Dresden, welcomed Dr. Hu Hui in Dresden Contact Office. In a very constructive conversation Dr. Hu was able to know that the office is very well able to handle special requests, to find suitable partners and respond competently to specialized interests.


The large network that was created in 2 years, which is very helpful for preparing compounds in various industries.


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                     Dr. Hu and Ms. Meissner in Contact Office Jinan-Dresden


Mr. Matthes, consultant specializing in engineering and sensor technology, was invited to integrat into the monitoring of the guest from Jinan, to discuss further opportunities to network expansion.


Then Dr. Hu visited the company SCIA system in Chemnitz, accompanied by Mrs. Meissner and Mr. Matthes.


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                                     Dr. Hu visited SCIA system in Chemnitz


On Friday, Januar 16. Dr. Hu and Ms. Meissner were invited to a meeting at the TU Dresden, Institute for Applied Photophysics. Guests were welcomed by Professor Eng and two employees, Alexander Haußmann and Thomas Kämpfer.


During the interesting lecture at the TU Dresden, there was a lively exchange of information between the both sides and they found also many common approaches for a cooperation. Dr. Hu introduced his company, the developments, the expansion of its factory and the future plans.

Then Dr. Hu and Professor Eng agreed to initiate a partnership with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


The Dresden office will continue to support this cooperation. Thus, it is planned to maintain a pool of experts, which can be advertised for specialists in China specifically.

In agreement with Dr. Hu's office a pilot project for recruitment of Chinese graduates will start.


In Dresden 1,300 Chinese students study here, which is the largest number of students Chinese at a university in Germany. In addition, the Office will build a wide network with other higher education institutions in Germany.


In one word, the visit was very successful for all parties.

Based on this relationship the Contract Office can support more direct connections to establish contacts, maintenance of existing relationships and the expansion of the network within Europe Chinese company effectively.


Finally visited Dr. Hu Hui the Dresden city sights.
A ride on the funicular Dresden offered him a view of the Elbe valley and the city with its famous Baroque silhouette.


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A visit to the technical Collections Dresden gave Dr. Hu an insight into the long tradition of German engineering.


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      Dr. Hu Hui, Ms. Meissner and Mr. Matthes in Hubertusgarten Dresden-Bühlau


In "Hubertusgarten" in Dresden-Bühlau the two sides repeated the wishes for further cooperation.


Contact Office Dresden will support Nanoln actively to find further business partners  in Germnay and to recruite professionals.


We are glad to welcome other Chinese companies in Dresden and will give our best to support you!


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