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Jinan is the City of Springs, the capital city of Shandong Province, and the national famous historical and cultural city. It is backed by the Mountain Tai in the south, crosses over the Yellow River in the north, is linked with Beijing and its environs to the north and Jiangsu and Shanghai to the south, and its seventy-two springs are peerless in the world. In the new era, Jinan is striding forward to be the regional economic center, industry financial center, logistics center and S&T innovation center.


Jinan Innovation Zone is among the first batch of national-level high-tech industrial development zones approved by the State Council in March 1991. At present, it has formed five areas of Central Area, High-tech East Area, High-tech North Area, Zhangjin Area, Innovation Valley Area, covers a total area of 318 square kilometers, has 5 sub-district offices under its jurisdiction and the population of over 400 thousand permanent people.


Jinan Innovation Zone has China International ICT Innovation Cluster (CIIIC), QiluSoft Park, Jinan High-tech Business Incubator, Comprehensive Bonded Area, Jinan Pioneering Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars and other national-level specialized parks; National Software Export and Innovation Base, Service Outsourcing Demonstration Base, Animation and Cartoon Industry Base, Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Industry Base, Overseas High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, National Innovative Drug Incubation Base, and other national-level gold-lettered signboards. Approved by the State Council in 2016, ranked among the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area of Shandong Peninsula.


With over twenty thousand enterprises of various types, Jinan Innovation Zone has formed the four leading industries of electronic information, bio-medical, equipment manufacturing and modern service, the electronic information industry accounts from 46.6% of the total industrial output value; the bio-medical industry witnessed the annual average growth rate of over 40% during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period; the equipment manufacturing industry enjoys huge potential for development, and has prominent advantages in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, power transmission and distribution (PTD) equipment, intelligent robot, and special-purpose equipment; and the modern service industry has become the new growth point, and the financial enterprises accelerate gathering; at present, in Jinan Innovation Zone, there are 94 listed enterprises, including 21 main-board companies (including 1 GEM one), and 73 new-three-board ones.


Jinan Innovation Zone gives full play to the advantages of the capital city of Shandong Province and gathers a batch of superior-quality and high-end innovation resources. It has constructed National Supercomputer Center in Jinan, Inspur High-performance Computing Center (HPCC), National Comprehensive Platform for New Drug R&D Technologies, Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology, and Public Technology Platform for Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing of Shandong Province, and equipped a batch of intellectual property achievements with independent core technologies and reached the world-class technical levels in the fields of high-performance server, big data development and application quantum communication technology, etc. It gathers over 160 provincial-level enterprise R&D institutions, including 14 national-level ones, built 4 national-level incubators, 5 provincial-level ones and 6 municipal-level ones, and 30 maker spaces above the municipal-level, and attracted thousands of S&T SMEs (small-and-medium-sized enterprises). With 275 high-tech enterprises,Jinan Innovation Zone gradually perfects its S&T financial construction and dramatically upgrades its overall planning and allocation abilities of innovation chain and fund chain.Jinan Innovation Zone rapidly advances the construction of “Qilu Talent Special Area”, introduce 35 talents of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (AKA the Thousand Talents Plan), and 841 talents, including “Taishan Scholars” and “Taishan Industry Leading Talents” of Shandong Province, as well as the talents of 5150 Plan of Jinan City and “Haiyou Talent Plan” of Jinan Innovation Zone, and ranks No. 1 and is leading in the number of introduced talents.


To strengthen the industrial carrying capacity, and endeavor to create good soft and hard environments,Jinan Innovation Zone makes efforts to build the hard environment by centering on industry-city integration, is sparing no efforts to accelerate the construction and development of education, medical care, living, shopping, catering, entertainment, traffic and other relevant supporting facilities, and significantly advances its comprehensive supporting ability, and intensifies its urban management and renovation efforts and keeps improving its greening, beautification, brightening and standardization levels with the aim of constructing the urban development environment of “ecological human settlements and green environmental protection”.Vigorously promote “six high-tech“ construction, including rule of law, harmony, safety, integrity, wisdom, cleanliess, improve social management level, build the harmonious and stable development of atmosphere.


Jinan Innovation Zone closely centers on the central task “create four centers, build a modern Jinan,” deepens the reform of the system and mechanism, speeds up the pace of second pioneering work, according to the requirements for enterprise management, market-oriented operation, the professional service, comprehensively builds efficient administrative management system, professional and systematic investment promotion service system, legal and harmonious social governance system, positive sound financing construction system.


Facing the future, the general development idea ofJinan Innovation Zone is: aiming to build a world-class high-tech park, based on the five areas, speed up the construction of airport economic zone and intelligent equipment city, life science city, Shandong wisdom valley, Shandong innovation valley “one zone, two cities and two valleys”. Make efforts to build high-tech zone into a main battle position of regional economic center, big platform of science and technology innovation center, financial center development zone, main hub of logistics center. Strive to create more livable and enterprise-adaptable good environment, open arms to welcome guests from all over the world to invest and start a career, and grow up together, and usher in broader bright future together.


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