Life Science Park

As the strategic emerging industry and crucial elements for local economy growth and competitiveness, the life science industry is the developing priority of Jinan Municipality. As the pillar industry in High-tech Zone, the value scale of bio-medical industry is beyond 40 billion RMB in recent years, and more than 700 enterprises. In the context of updating industrial structure, the administrative committee of High-tech Zone established Jinan High-tech Zone Life-science City Developing Center at beginning of 2016 to meet the target of building up domestically top level and world-famous life-science city and industrial cluster with producing value of hundred billion RMB. That would promote great-leap-forward development and accelerate the urbanization of two-river area.


As the accumulation area of life science industry in Jinan, Jinan High-tech Zone Life-science City which takes the Juyehe District as the developing carrier is established by the Jinan High-tech Zone administrative committee. It is a new life science and technological industrial city in east part of Jinan, a life science and technological industrial accumulation center and an innovative center which include bio-pharmacy, proton therapy, medical device, rehabilitation and elderly care service.


Freda medical industrial park, Xiuzheng industrial park, Tongke third party medical logistic park, Kechuang yuanjing medical device park, Bloomage bio-engineering industrial park, Haiqi biological industrial park, Success medical industrial park and Shuyupinmin medical logistic park are now in the life-science city.


Industrial developing allocation plan of Jinan High-tech Zone Life-science City

It is separated by East Jingshi Road as the north section and south section, Jinan High-tech zone Life-science City’s total planned area is 53.8 km2. The north section is industrial accumulation cluster with area of 21.6 km2 and it is major in industries such as bio-medicine, medical devices, health supplements, cosmetics, functional foods, advanced inspectors and modern Chinese drug plant area. The south section will be build up as the modern health industries accumulating center of north China in 32.2 km2’s area which contains top level elderly care services, international proton anti-oncology center,  rehabilitation center, and relative international professional hospital. Meanwhile, the green health town, leisure and body building services, and health consultancy are also important component of the south section.


North section - industrial accumulation area 

The north section is the core area for life-science industries’ development. By perfected various producing elements, we will in near future create the new carrier which is composed of fundamental research and applications platform, professional public services platform, professional incubators, accelerators and OEM productions. Simultaneously, we will construct the subdivision industrial parks in fields of pharmacy, medical devices, medical consumable items, functional foods, healthcare products and cosmetics, and ecological modern Chinese drug plant area on top of mined-out area. We will also build up the infrastructures which include education, dwell, commerce, and banks to meet the need of urbanization by method of building neighborhood center. Meanwhile, aim to create the “Peach Paradise”, we will plant peach tree, juglans and non-polluting Chinese herbals for exporting by overall repairing the mined-out area and broken mountains.


South section - medical services area

The south section is the core area of health service industries’ development. We will build health and elderly care service facilities, international proton anti-oncology center, rehabilitation and cosmetology service area. Furthermore, we will establish the relative healthy service industries such as top level hospitals, green healthy town, leisure and body building services, and health consultancy. That would form the modern health industries accumulating center of north China with constructing the top resorts and developing cosmetology service, leisure, and healthy service under advantage of south mountains resources.


Key field of attracting investment

North section

Bio-medicine, medical device, healthcare products, cosmetics, functional food, advanced inspector and modern Chinese drug ecotourism area, etc.

South section

High-end elderly care industry, international proton anti-oncology center, rehabilitation center, international life science innovative center, medical service institutes and hospitals, etc.


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