Intelligent Equipment Park

The Intelligent Equipment Park is located in the eastern district of the hi-tech zone in Jinan, north of the Jingshi Road and south of the Jiaoji Railway, has an area of 41 square kilometers.


The four major industrial clusters are already being developed, namely the production of the traffic system, IT technology, new energy and high-performance systems. The 2 major potential industrial clusters of new materials, as well as flight & space travel are gradually developing. The manufacturing industry of the transport system mainly deals with the development of new commercial vehicles and passenger cars and the umgrade of technology for the core components. The manufacturing industry of the IT technology has the main focus on the development and manufacture of the core technology and core system such as high-performance servers, new intelligent terminals and internet safety. A manufacturing base for new energy vehicles is being built under the manufacturing industry of the new energy industry and also the upgrade and generation of the wind turbine. The manufacturing industry of the high-performance system refers to the breakthrough of the core technology for STG and EHV machines and the development of the high-ranking CNC. The industry of new materials introduces development and manufacturing programs of 3D printing material and realizes the industrialization of large diamonds, carborundum and zirconium oxide. The aerospace industry develops and manufactures components for advanced aircraft and modules for satellite communications.


The "Hundreds and Thousands" plan is now being implemented in the zone, which means that 3 to 5 intelligent manufacturing chains are being formed, as well as a cluster of several industrial chains with Zig-Milliaden of electrical engineering, CNC plant, transport system, new materials and new energies. This is the goal (hundred milliards) of the industrial park.


The companies in the park: Sinotruk, SDLG, Sandvik, CET, CRRC Windpower, Inspur, Yiheng Technology, IESLab, Qilu EMMC, Geely, Qingqi etc.


Plan and investments of the park:


1. International Industrial Park for Intelligent Equipment. The project has an area of 770 hectares, located in the north-west of the park zone, refers to the construction of the development center for intelligent equipment, the factory, the logistics center and  programs of industrial mythology and urban life. Factory can be built according to requirements and standards by foreign companies. In the park are now FESTO, SKF, Mahle-Behr, WABCO, Mann-Hummel etc.


2. ICT Park. The project has an area of 106 hectares, located in the middle of the northern part of the park zone. Its main functions are development and production, as well as information exchange, conference and gastronomy, commercial services. The focus is also on telecommunications, air traffic control, medical facilities, integrated circuit and digitized facility.


3. Logistics park. The project has an area of 130 acres, is located in the north-east of the park zone. Combined with the plan of the Jinan-Eurobahn, with the geographical advantage of rail transport, the project will serve all companies in the park zone. GLP is already in the park.


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